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Professional Licensed

      and License Free Radios..

We are now able to offer high quality radios systems, both licensed and unlicensed direct to you.

We have various models available, but if you are not sure what you need, just give us a call on 01474 832251 and we will be pleased to help.

Often termed as PMR446 radios, these do not require a license and can be used anywhere in the UK and most of Europe.


They operate on 8 channels in the UHF 400mhz band and are restricted to an output power of 0.5 of a watt.

The nature of these is such that very local radio communications coverage is offered, on a first come first serve basis.


Channels are often busy meaning that in heavily congested areas they are not always suitable for business use. The word 'professional' in the title refers to the fact that the Pronto radios are manufactured to a higher quality than most consumer type PMR446 radios, very similar to full blown licensed business units.


In other words, providing the site is reasonably small, the traffic is not particularly sensitive or in a heavily congested area they can offer good reliable communications on the communal channels.

As this has been the most popular to date with your clients we have put two options forward here


P-4460 Complete with rapid charger and belt-clip

(Standard 446 business radio) Code: GH01A


 P-5446 Complete with rapid charger & belt-clip

(Fully waterproof ultra robust) Code: GH01B

Professional Licensed Free Radios (GH01)

Professional Licensed Analogue Radios (GH02)

These radios require the user to have a valid OFCOM license to operate them and it is strictly forbidden to do so without one.


They operate either on the VHF or UHF frequency bands and its worth noting that about 90% of hand portable radios use the UHF bands, as they tend to work better at this frequency.


Licensed radios have an output power of between 4 and 5 watts frequency depending on the handset, so will offer a better range from the above.


Analogue radios still make up the majority of basic two way radio application and offer good reliable radio communications for site use.

Complete with rapid charger and belt-clip

(Standard Analogue business radio) Code: GH02

Professional Licensed Digital Radios (GH03)

Identical in licensing and power output terms to the above, digital radios are becoming more popular and common in the market place.

Whilst the range is also similar there are some other benefits.  Battery life is improved due to a lower current drain, the voice clarity is crystal clear and they are far less susceptible to eves dropping due to the nature of the digital protocol.


If used in applications with repeater boosters two voice conversations can be conducted simultaneously on the same channel without interfering with each other.


Complete with rapid charger and belt-clip

(Standard Digital business radio) Code: GH03

Professional Licensed Digital Radios (GH04)

The Express is an exciting new long-range two way radio which offers users enormous potential.

Utilising the data networks it can provide unlimited coverage providing it is within range of the mobile network.  User groups can be setup to enable single points of contact or wide area all person calls, unique at present.


The Despatcher software is also on offer so that the link can be made with a fleet from a standard computer, anywhere.  Global positioning information is also available via this software which can be purchased for a minimal fee.


Due to the data usage, a running cost is charged at a set, low-cost fee.  We have designed an airtime/rental discount to provide you running revenue, this could become very beneficial as your fleet expands.


Complete with rapid charger and belt-clip (national business radio) Code: GH04


Despatcher, GPS software and airtime costs will apply, please contact us for further details about the hire rates.